Edward H. Perrone
Wealth Management - Metuchen, NJ

If my clients had a common trait, it would probably be this: They have been thrifty and wise most of their lives – or at least they try to be. They are certainly the kind of people whom I worked best with over the years.

I get to know my clients well. They become friends. And I know about their money – where it is invested, what tax-advantaged structures might work best for them, what planning techniques are most suitable. I speak with all of my clients on a regular basis.

People today have become very aware of the investment markets and the process itself. To some extent they expect that as their financial advisor I will make them money. And we are always looking to do that, in as effective, efficient – and risk-managed -- fashion as possible.

But I don’t have all the answers. The markets are ever-changing.

For most of my clients, and depending on their goals, we generally keep a portion of their portfolio in a liquid position -- cash, CDs, money market instruments – to ensure we can act on an opportunity. You could say I am my clients’ coach, their advisor, and their confidante. I’m the flashlight, that keeps them from falling off the path, or perhaps even off the precipice.

Often it is the little things – setting up a supplemental retirement plan, for instance – that make a big difference.

We have a wonderful office, a great team. We make it a point to be responsive, and to make our office a great place to work. That works hand in hand. For me, it’s important to be able to delegate, and know that we are serving our clients consistently and completely. It’s about caring for every client. Even down to each and every birthday card, I think our clients can feel that difference.

Edward H. Perrone
"I am my clients’ coach, their advisor, and their confidante. "
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