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I've built my firm much the same way our clients built their businesses - starting from a good idea, working hard and being hands-on. In that respect I can identify closely with my clients. I'm high energy, and focused. My firm faces many of the same challenges my clients do. So talking with my clients about things like managing risk and having financial objectives is easy for me.

The financial marketplace has evolved fairly quickly, and it keeps evolving. For one thing, the investor's mentality has completely changed. Eight years ago, clients would call me and say "grow it, grow it - get me more of a return!" Today the primary concern is preserving wealth. These days I mostly hear this: "Protect it. Don't lose it."

To that extent there are more realistic expectations of performance these days.

And I'm passionate about managing risk. And a big part of that is keeping emotion out of the equation of personal finance - risk is managed through asset allocation, by creating and managing a properly diversified portfolio of investments, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance products. I'm not a stock picker.

But investment opportunities are everywhere, in every market. I am seeing more exchange-traded funds as a popular investment option. And commercial real estate is booming - still. Commercial real estate investment trusts have been very popular and successful vehicles in recent years - despite the downturn in real estate generally.

Estate planning is a key element of managing risk. And that's an area that can be very difficult for successful, self-made, hands-on people to deal with. They have to give up a certain element of control, and no one - especially not high-achieving Type A professionals - likes the idea of giving up control. But it is always - always - in their and their family's interest to look at estate-planning options and to take them seriously.

I'm first to admit I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about my work. I love it. For me it's about growing personally, growing in the business world.

I've never had a need to promote myself - my clients have always been by best referrals. I'm proud of that.

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Mark Fleksher
"I'm first to admit I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about my work. I love it. For me it's about growing personally, growing in the business world."
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