Anthony S. Zambri
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As I tell my clients, money is nice, but it's not the be-all and end-all. Unless you are Bill Gates there will always be someone with more money. Someone who's always focused on money, on getting very aggressive with their money, well, I'm perfectly OK not working with that person. I'm just not the guy to help them do that.

There are a lot of reasons I don't help people speculate, but here's one: The pain of loss is much, much greater than the joy of gains. And over the long term that simply makes it harder to reach to your goals.

As I also tell my clients, I'm not here to make you happy. And I'm not here to make you sad. I'm here to make you financially healthy.

I am committed to providing honest information, and giving honest answers. I don't make promises that can't be kept, I never duck a question, and I disclose my fees. If I weren't committed to those things, as far as I am concerned, I would be committing financial malpractice.

Everyone who comes to see me wants to face up to their financial future. Really from the start, I am taking a picture of their financial health, and helping them understand what the picture says. If there's something about the picture that's not right, what can we do to correct it? I'm straightforward in that respect.

My doctor and my attorney don't give me Yankee tickets, and don't entertain me with a round of golf. I go to them because they are good at what they do. That's the same reason I believe my clients come to me.

The financial world has become somewhat cookie-cutter - an advisor will take your age and subtract by 100 to determine how much you should have in stocks. Well, I'm not an age-based consultant. I'm a situation-based consultant. My job is to help identify the objective, build the most conservative portfolio I can - and still hit the number we need to get there. Does that guarantee results? No. It just improves your chances of getting there.

And I believe my clients feel good with that message. I know 99% of my clients enjoy working with me. I do what I say I'm going to do. If that's not enough, then someone else should be helping you.

In our country, we are so blessed. Compared to most people in the world, we are very, very well off. We need to remind ourselves of that sometimes. Wealth is not about chasing the last nickel. It's about taking care of yourself and the people you love. For me that's what my work is all about.

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Anthony S. Zambri
"As I tell my clients, I'm not here to make you happy. And I'm not here to make you sad. I'm here to make you financially healthy."
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