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There are some people who believe that Americans are too litigious; these people incorrectly blame accident victims for the cost of litigation. In fact, accident victims are innocent parties and the insurance companies (who represent the careless defendants) are at fault for collecting premiums and refusing to pay claims. As a result of a concerted effort by the insurance industry to blame the victim, some people believe that juries have become cynical and more hostile toward personal-injury claims.

But I take a different view. The various corporate scandals have contributed to a growing new attitude. Juries understand corporate indifference and no longer believe that big companies are interested in the welfare and safety of their customers. Hence, the trial lawyer is the hero in such modern movies as Class Action, Civil Action and Erin Brockovich. I take pride in this fact: The tort system is the engine for positive social change. And the attorneys are the engineers. When we bring a claim against a manufacturer for a defective product - you know what? The product has a way of being changed. Why do manufacturers improve the safety of their products? They do it because they are afraid of lawsuits - and juries who return verdicts.

In fact, contrary to what you may hear from big business and insurance companies, most plaintiffs deserve fair and adequate compensation. In many cases, the trial lawyer represents the last chance for a victim to gain access to the civil justice system - and some businesses and insurance companies want to take away their last chance. The American Legal system is really about giving access to the courthouse.

What the trial lawyer does is important - and necessary. Not a day goes by that our society isn't made more safe, and more just, by the efforts of good trial attorneys. I'm proud to be a part of that group.

Gerald H. Baker
"Contrary to what you may hear from big business and insurance companies, most plaintiffs deserve fair and adequate compensation."
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