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Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - Cherry Hill, NJ

There's no question that it's much more difficult for the average person to receive a full measure of justice. We're proud to represent workers - they are the only people our firm has ever represented. We established a national reputation for dedicating our practice to working people.

It wasn't easy. We were pioneers in asbestos litigation, representing union men who worked their entire lives on the docks throughout our region. Asbestos litigation remains a substantial part of our practice, but we are involved in all kinds of personal injury matters - medical malpractice, pharmaceutical negligence and many other areas.

There is a reason big business - and their insurance companies -- fear and loathe the courtroom. They know that a court of law is a level playing field -they don't like being there. But the results benefit everyone: Frequently the decisions we've fought for have required defendants to change the way they did business. Through many of our cases, we've been at the forefront of environmental changes - even before Congress and the EPA began regulating to encourage those changes.

We grew by reputation and by example. We started with one satisfied customer, and then another. Today at our firm, everyone is accountable for client service. If young attorneys are looking to work in a corporate practice, they're not coming here.

With a long record of successes, we don't have to make boastful claims extolling the virtues of our firm. We are willing to litigate every case we prepare - we don't duck a fight. There are no short cuts. We have people in court every day. We have litigated cases at every state level, as well as every federal level. And we have established legal precedent in many major mass-tort actions.

We work hard to ensure that the client is fully aware of the plusses and minuses of a case. We are required to be 100 percent candid, and to deal honestly and directly with all clients - all of them. But, being candid and forthright is the only way I've ever known how to be.

As JFK once said, we will not negotiate out of fear and will not fear to negotiate. We understand the importance of good lawyering - of being determined to take a case to trial if we haven't received a fair and reasonable settlement offer for our clients. That's served our clients well over the years. We've taken tough positions, and stuck by them. And the fact is, I don't think I would've done it any other way.

Gene Locks
"Being candid and forthright is the only way I've ever known how to be."
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Princeton University, BA, 1959
Columbia University School of Law, LLB, 1962

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