Michael A. Galpern
Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - Cherry Hill, NJ

We're doing important work, representing those injured or defrauded by the wrongful acts of others. There are interests out there who try to discredit the victim, and suggest that what we do is somehow wrong or unseemly. But that's a complete misrepresentation of what we do. We work to give victims a fair hearing, and a fair settlement.

The insurance industry has been engaging in a relentless PR campaign for some time now, doing everything it can to plant the idea that juries somehow undermine our system of justice. Can you believe that?

It's ironic because many of the people we represent have only us - the trial attorneys who get their case before a jury - to stand up for them. We represent their best shot at righting a wrong. There's no question that certain cases take a lot of time, and can be incredibly complicated, but for many of our clients they still are their best hope to rectify an act of institutional negligence. And there's plenty of such negligence out there. The courts are receptive to a well organized, well documented and well prepared suit.

I'm very fortunate to work with and for people who truly served as my mentors. Gene Locks and Jim Pettit have had a big influence on me, and on my own work in the law.

I love what I do, from the first day I walked in here. It's very gratifying to go to bat for working people who really need and appreciate our services.

Michael A. Galpern
"It's very gratifying to go to bat for working people who really need and appreciate our services."
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Rutgers University, B.A., 1985
Rutgers University Law School, J.D., 1988

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