Richard (Racehorse) Haynes
Criminal Defense Law - Houston, TX

Editor's note: Richard Haynes died in Livingston Texas in April 28, 2017, age 90.

I lunched with Racehorse Haynes in February 2010 at the Post Oak Grill in Houston. He instructed me to chew my food more slowly - "make sure you chew each piece of food 17 times." I tried that, but haven't been disciplined enough to continue eating that way since. During lunch I asked why he continued practicing law into his 80s, when most lawyers are long retired. He said it was because he didn't want to hang around with his wife - and I replied that I didn't believe him, that he was of course joking. But he insisted, firmly, that was the reason. I never convinced him that one of our profiles might be useful to him. When I dropped him off at his office I explained that Ten Leaders profile reprints were 85 cents per copy. "Great," he replied. "I'll take one." -- Stephen E. Clark

Racehorse Haynes is a character -- one of the most effective criminal defense lawyers of his generation, and, in the words of blogger Steve Sailer, "the most notorious cynic in Texas."

Richard (Racehorse) Haynes