Gary E. Roth
Employment Law - Springfield, NJ

It used to be that when someone lost a job, he or she went straight to the Help Wanted section. Nowadays people go straight to an attorney. And with good reason. They need to know their rights.

On the other side, employers used to simply say “you’re fired.” Today employers go through quite a process before anyone is let go - the human resources department and corporate counsel both review the matter. They attempt to get their ducks in a row.

The law provides certain protections, but let’s be candid: Life can be unfair and employers are permitted to be unfair; however, employers may not base their decisions on illegal factors. That’s where a seasoned employment attorney comes into play.

There are very few cases in which there is direct evidence of discrimination. Employers are sophisticated in concealing the reality of a workplace. Thankfully, courts and juries understand that: They respond to properly presented circumstantial evidence of discrimination.

Employment-law cases are extremely time intensive. We diligently and exhaustively research and prepare a case. But that preparation has rewarded us. Our reputation is built on our successes. Our firm is small compared with those of our adversaries, but after nearly 20 years my bank of litigation materials is as substantial as any.

Much of our casework comes from word-of-mouth referrals, especially from satisfied clients and, notably, adversarial counsel. We commit to serving our clients aggressively and professionally.

Gary E. Roth
"We commit to serving our clients aggressively and professionally."
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Rutgers University, BA, Business Administration, 1978. Named to Economics Honor Society.
Rutgers School of Law, Newark, JD, 1981

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