Robert D. Lipman
Employment Law - Jericho, NY

Since 1990, Bob Lipman has built one of the most successful, comprehensive and multi-faceted employment-law firms in the region. Effective, sensitive and forward-thinking, the Buffalo native has focused on employment law throughout his career. Today he and his unique four-attorney firm handle cases on behalf of plaintiffs and management alike. Indeed, Lipman's exceptional combination of skills and distinctive perspective have helped him form a versatile and prosperous boutique firm, providing legal advice at a personal level. His individual approach makes him effective across the employment spectrum. Lipman relates well to everyone, from senior executives to hourly laborers.

After law school, Lipman started at a major national firm specializing in employment law, and within five years built a reputation for effectively handling a variety of complex cases. Then Lipman struck out on his own, launching his own firm which his wife, Allison Plesur, soon joined. Today Lipman & Plesur, LLP, with offices in Jericho and Manhattan, has a record of accomplishment remarkable for a firm of its size.

Lipman is also an effective teacher and trainer. In 1996 he, with Ms. Plesur, created, dedicated to providing quality online human resources training. has produced a library of award winning on-line training designed to sensitize employees and supervisors on proper workplace policies and conduct. Now in his early 50's, Lipman is in his professional prime. He is poised to lead - and help define - the field of employment law for years to come. Lipman and his wife live in Jericho with their three children.

Robert D. Lipman
"It's simple: We only work on cases that we believe in."
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Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, BS, 1983
State University of New York at Buffalo, JD, 1986


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