Steven Stoltz
Divorce Law - San Francisco, CA

My approach to family law cases is based on the principle of karma. One of the principal tenets of karma is the belief that the consequences of "unskillful acts" are borne by the one who commits them. That is why you will never see me engage in mudslinging or name calling. It is my policy to be polite to everyone, no matter how rude or unpleasant they may be. It is never helpful for the family law practitioner to be judgmental or lose his/her composure. None of my colleagues in the Bay Area family law community have ever seen me angry. I don't write threatening "lawyer's letters". I have much more effective ways of dealing with the inappropriate tactics of opposing parties.

My background in the martial arts has been very helpful in my career as it has helped me gain discipline and the ability to conduct myself respectfully in difficult situations.

Although I have a lot of courtroom experience, and I actually love appearing in court when there is no other option, it is seldom in the interest of the parties and their children to litigate family law disputes. The best litigators are those who can settle difficult cases at the earliest possible stage.

When clients visit our offices for the first time, they are often surprised by relatively modest surroundings. There is no art on the walls or sparkling views of the San Francisco Bay. I have chosen to invest in my staff rather than material furnishings. I am fanatical in the belief that if my employees share in the financial success of my practice, they will provide a very high level of service to our clients. The result of this is that I have "0.0" employee turnover.

My legal assistant has worked here for nearly 20 years. My "newest" employee has been with me 7 years. We have a cheerful relaxed environment where everyone can wear what they want and work whatever schedule they want as long as they provide our clients with the highest level of service. I am blessed to have an amazing and talented staff. It is my objective to make sure that none of them ever leave!

In my 35 years of practicing family law I've never been involved in a fee arbitration or a malpractice suit with any client. It's pretty simple: Be positive. Be nice. Don't lie. Return calls quickly. More than anything we want clients to be satisfied with our work.

I feel very fortunate. I love practicing family law. I can't wait to come to work every day.

Steven Stoltz
"It's pretty simple: Be positive. Be nice. Don't lie. Return calls quickly. More than anything we want clients to be satisfied with our work."
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Cleveland State University, B.A., 1977
University of San Francisco School of Law, with honors, 1980
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