Cathy J. Pollak
Divorce Law - Woodcliff Lake, NJ

I was fortunate -- I began my career in family law with Richard Feinberg, former chairman of the New Jersey Family Law Committee who helped enact the equitable distribution statute in the 1970s. He truly saw family law as an instrument to resolve family conflict -- but only by maintaining the highest of ethical standards. More than 30 years later, I still strive to handle my cases in the same manner. Since joining Price, Meese, Shulman & D'Arminio here in Woodcliff Lake, that hasn't changed.

Every case is unique with its own set of issues. Depending on the complexity of the case, forensic accountants, forensic psychologists, and employability experts may be retained. Family lawyers must be familiar with multi-disciplinary fields in order to provide their clients with the highest level of representation.

Cases involving custody and relocation are extremely difficult. Children should never become pawns when the family unit is dissolved. I encourage my clients to work with family therapists to assist the children during this stressful time.

Alternate dispute resolution has finally been recognized by the court system as a viable alternative to resolve family conflict. In my mediation practice, it may be necessary to employ various experts in the mediation setting to reach an agreement between the parties. Mediation removes the family conflict from the litigation setting. As a result the parties often will cooperate in the best interests of the children during the post-divorce period.

As a founding member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey, I advocated for the passage of the Collaborative Law Act. In the collaborative process, the parties and their attorneys, who take formal training in collaborative law, agree to resolve their differences without resorting to litigation. The threat of litigation is removed from the "picture" to enable the parties and their attorneys to truly focus on a global solution of the case.

When alternative dispute resolution is not an option, I am fully prepared to serve as an articulate and strong advocate for my client. However, the client must be educated to have realistic expectations of the outcome of a trial.

As the law continues to evolve to the point where marital fault has minimal, if any effect, on the issues of support and division of property, I strive to be a positive force in focusing my client on the constructive resolution of the case.

Cathy J. Pollak
"When alternative dispute resolution is not an option, I am fully prepared to serve as an articulate and strong advocate for my client."
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Cedar Crest College , B.A., magna cum laude, 1973
Rutgers University Law School, Newark, J.D., 1976

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