Robert J. Adinolfi
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Our work - our lives, really - are about commitment. I have always been involved in family, school, church and community organizations and activities. I started early in my career and never stopped. I know those experiences gave me and continue to give me insights into people. I believe character and reputation are quintessential traits for an attorney. My experiences in community work and organizations have taught me that sometimes you take the lead and sometimes you work from behind the scenes. My clients benefit from my ability to balance the two. I have always made it a point to be part of the law community: I know my fellow attorneys, the judges and court officers. I am committed to high professional ethics and standards. I have been a fellow of The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers for over 20 years. The AAML mirrors my focus: high quality attorneys emphasizing academic excellence in family law.

My business and accounting skills have served me well to understand finance and tax issues. There is nothing more stressful or emotionally wrenching, aside from health, than divorce. The role we play is one of counselor and advisor - it is critically important. I am proud of that role and happy to help clients through tough times. My approach has always been to encourage both sides in divorce to resolve as much as they can because in the long run, it makes more sense.

I work very hard to anticipate where my clients' case is going to end, based on the information and facts of the case: I consider the full impact, especially when children are involved. I advise them accordingly and honestly. I treat my clients the way I would like to be treated but I do not (will not) paint unrealistic pictures or set unrealistic expectations. I am thorough and efficient in preparing cases. If clients are pleased with your services, you are successful. I have built my practice and reputation on word-of-mouth referrals. When I practiced law as a young attorney, there was no Internet. It could take days, even weeks, to retrieve important information. I developed patience and research skills in that environment. Today, information is a click away. The legal profession can barely keep up. I do have clients who email and send text-messages, but sensitive communications are still sent out the old-fashioned way: A well-executed letter and personal phone call. That's an important, confidential and discreet record, which the process requires.

I have always enjoyed working with and teaching young attorneys. We have some very talented young lawyers in our firm. They are diverse, energetic and intelligent. Our firm sets high standards and expectations for our partners and associates. We strive, on a daily basis, to meet those standards. It's true, I have handled thousands of matrimonial cases over the past thirty years and I love what I do, but never more than at this stage in my career.

Robert J. Adinolfi
"If clients are pleased with your services, you are successful. I have built my practice and reputation on word-of-mouth referrals."
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St. Joseph's University, B.S., Accounting, cum laude, 1974
Rutgers University School of Law, J.D., 1977
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