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It's true, I am practical and direct. I tend to get right to the punch line or crucial issue. That's always been my approach. There may be certain positions taken in negotiating interim issues. But I always focus on the ultimate goal: A settlement that can last.

Every divorce is different, obviously. I tell clients the process - and even the outcome - can depend on who the players are, including the attorneys. If attorneys or their clients want to act up, they can disrupt the process terribly. Any attorney who tells you that they can "win" your case is simply not telling you the truth. What everyone is seeking is the best result - under the specific circumstances.

You would be surprised the degree to which the behavior in marriage tracks the behavior in divorce. Was there lots of verbal abuse in the marriage? Why should the divorce be any different? If you want to know how your divorce is going to go - look into yourself. Once you have the right attorney, outcomes really depend on the people involved.

Ours is very hands-on work. We're addressing - often immediately, in a motion or court filing - the toughest issues, such as custody, nonpayment of child support, or even physical abuse. And when we enter into negotiations, I always know where I want to end up and I don't get side tracked by the emotions or my adversary's tactics. I am empathetic with my clients - but really up to a point. We have to separate the person's desires from the most realistic outcome. And the attorney's ego has to be kept out of it. The goal is to stay focused on the issues. This is not about the attorney, this is about the client. We all come into it with our own biases, but at the end of the day none of it is personal.

The courts really aren't the best venue for resolving the issues of divorce. Two good lawyers can sit down and resolve a case - from the outset good, experienced attorneys can reasonably predict the outcome.

I don't consider myself some kind of special talent. I listen. And I keep listening. That's the key to getting what my client wants.

Elena Karabatos
"I listen. And I keep listening. That's the key to getting what my client wants."
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