Alton L. Abramowitz
Divorce Law - New York, NY

Alton L. Abramowitz is one of Manhattan's most notable matrimonial attorneys, a longtime leader of the divorce bar both at the state level and nationally. The 64-year-old New York native, a veteran of hundreds of cases, has long been an advocate of progressive change in the law, including successfully advocating for a no-fault divorce law in New York. For many years, he has been sought after as a source for such media as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Abramowitz is in many respects a classic divorce lawyer - tenacious, independent and tough-minded, while at the same time thoughtful and pragmatic. Although he strives to settle all of his cases out of court, he remains a litigator capable of waging battle when necessary.

Abramowitz attended Washington's American University at the height of the Vietnam War ("A time of great social and political ferment, and a fascinating time to be in school"), and his first opportunity after law school was in Rockland County, New York, as a legal services lawyer representing the indigent in civil cases. His combined instincts for fairness and enterprise served him well: He handled many domestic-relations cases and social benefits claims matters; he helped lead a class-action case against the State of New York on Medicaid claims Not long after, the well-known divorce lawyer Irving Erdheim hired the young Abramowitz, launching him into more than 30 years of intense matrimonial litigation. Two years later he joined the firm of Samuel G. Fredman in its 5-lawyer matrimonial department. Over more than a decade the practice exploded, as did Abramowitz's reputation as an aggressive courtroom advocate. Truth was, "I was handling cases against much older and more experienced lawyers. It gave me confidence and energy."

For several years Abramowitz has worked in small boutiques; in 2006 he teamed with Hal Mayerson, helping to make their current firm one of leading divorce boutiques in Manhattan, a legal landscape that's famously high-stakes. Abramowitz has represented all types of people, from corporate CEOs to a Nobel Prize-winning economist to Grammy-award winning entertainers. A veteran of more than one divorce himself, Abramowitz has spent most of his career residing and working in New York City. He and his family live on the Upper East Side. They enjoy the theater, travel and the Knicks.

Alton L. Abramowitz
"The 'thank-you' letters mean a lot to me. They tell me that I've been able to contribute some good to the people who have placed their trust in me."
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The American University, Washington, D.C., B.A., 1969
Rutgers University School of Law, Camden, N.J., J.D., 1972
New York University School of Law, L.L.M., Trade Regulation, 1980
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