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Divorce law is really best practiced in a small, boutique setting. I've worked in some large firms where the other departments never appreciated or fully understood the dynamics of what we do. The bottom line is we are working for our clients in a way that other practices simply don't: People trust their lives - and their children's lives - to us.

I work with many different kinds of people - entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders, doctors, clergy, entertainers, all kinds of professionals -- but one common thread is that the divorce process compels them to face up to things in their life: It can take a while, but people generally rise up and do, if not the noble thing, certainly the right thing. Being fair to your spouse, being fair to your children, while being fair to yourself is a very, very delicate balance.

There's no question that the unhappiest clients in the world are the ones who want to squeeze every penny out of a settlement. Our job is to achieve a fair and durable resolution, while minimizing the huge emotional toll taken on everyone involved.

I do a good deal of work on business-valuation issues and custody cases. And while a substantial amount of our practice involves traditional litigation, we are always seeking alternative means to resolve cases. It had been something of a crusade for me to change New York's fault-based divorce laws -- at the very least we are working to make the process less adversarial, to reduce the level of anger in every case.

In the beginning, we can never predict how a case is going to be resolved. We can't make any promises. But expectations -- of lifestyle particularly -- need to be adjusted. We live in an age in which people have a greater sense of entitlement than ever before. The transient nature of our society doesn't help either. All of that can create profound stress in an individual.

At the end of the day we are in a personal service business - being responsive is essential. I make it a point to respond as quickly as possible to every call

To be a good lawyer, you have to be obsessive, hands on. I am as attentive to every client, and every case, as I was when I started my practice more than 30 years ago.

Most of the people who endure a divorce understand this: Even after a divorce parents must work at having a respectful relationship - they'll see each other at graduations, weddings, birth celebrations and other milestones. They will share grandchildren. To a great extent parents have an obligation to maintain a significant level of trust for and decency towards one another for the rest of their lives.

Having worked with so many clients over the years, I know how difficult the process is. But I take some measure of satisfaction knowing I've helped them get through it. The 'thank-you' letters mean a lot to me. They tell me that I've been able to contribute some good to the people who have placed their trust in me.

Alton L. Abramowitz
"The 'thank-you' letters mean a lot to me. They tell me that I've been able to contribute some good to the people who have placed their trust in me."
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