Cheryl L. Young
Divorce Law - Norristown, PA

I think I'm pretty well known now for taking an approach to my cases that's honest and approachable, and as someone who can see both sides of issues. I'm not going to posture or misrepresent for a client. Seeing where the other side is coming from is one of my strengths. In fact, that approach prepares me better for potential litigation, if we have to pursue it.

But nine times out of ten I'll negotiate with the other side. I want to be known as someone you can work with. I'm good at negotiation. I've never been afraid to try a case, but most of our cases settle well before a trial date is even set.

The issues we confront are almost never black and white. We do operate within certain guidelines, particularly relating to support of children, but there is much room for creativity and thinking outside the box. At the end of the day we are providing solutions - often we can craft creative solutions that have an immediate impact on the quality and direction of people's lives.

When we meet for the first time, I won't tell clients they'll get everything they want. The fact is they are almost never going to get everything. Grand slams are almost nonexistent in our line of work.

I think the most valuable service we provide is unemotional objectivity, at a time when people most need it. If lawyers start getting highly emotional, or if they start encouraging emotionalism in their clients, it can be a disaster. Judges hate it, for starters. And results that should have taken less time and less money to arrive at suddenly take forever and cost a fortune. Anyone entering into this process should know there are always compromises, always trade-offs.

The Internet helps people's knowledge of the process - but only to a limited extent. There is still a lot to learn. When clients come in for the first time, there are many issues they are usually unaware of, or they misunderstand. It's part of my job to clarify and focus on the result.

So often suburban offices of larger law firms are seen as satellites that are professional stepchildren. Not so here. Our Norristown office has a team of great attorneys - and we are completely supported by our organization. It's a great combination of skills and resources - and our clients truly benefit from that.

Cheryl L. Young
"I think the most valuable service we provide is unemotional objectivity, at a time when people most need it. "
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Michigan State University, B.A., 1982
American University, Washington College of Law, J.D., 1985

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