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The first thing I would tell anyone contemplating divorce is this: If anger is the source of your motivation, then you're unlikely to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. I know, that's easy for your lawyer to say, but I've seen anger really hinder the outcome of some divorces. We are not psychologists, but we are sensitive to the emotional component of divorce - and its effect on everyone involved. I think that sensitivity and understanding are part of what has made us effective as family lawyers.

There's a larger objective, of course. Above all, we strive to give our clients the guidance they need to make informed decisions - decisions that will impact and guide the rest of their lives.

The people involved in divorce determine the process - some cases are suited for the collaborative process, in which both sides agree to actively negotiate a settlement and avoid litigation if at all possible. About a third of our practice today focuses on collaborative law, and that's a dramatic increase from only a few years ago.

But traditional and straightforward litigation remains a central part of our practice. I am in court four or five times a month - not all of that involves contentious litigation. The courthouse is the last place anyone really wants to be. Neither Harry nor I have ever felt that a combative posture served our clients' interests.

I've been very fortunate to work with and learn from Harry throughout my career. Almost all of what I learned, I've learned from him. He's always been generous of his knowledge, and shared his expertise. Certainly he has helped make me the lawyer that I am today. Under his guidance, I was able to take on complex and challenging cases early on in my career.

The Texas divorce bar is made up of an amazing group of people. There's a lot of trust, and a lot of sharing - like Harry, most of the lawyers I have had the privilege to work with are willing to share their knowledge. You don't always see that in other specialties of the law.

I love Houston, and I love my work. I feel I'm lucky to come to work every day and help people when they most need it. It's all very satisfying because, with every client, with every case, I know we are making a difference.

Angela Pence England
"I feel I'm lucky to come to work every day and help people when they most need it."
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