Carole Collier Krogmann
Divorce Law - McLean, VA

Only a few years removed from a successful practice in Virginia's Tidewater region, Carole Collier Krogmann is already emerging as a Northern Virginia divorce lawyer with broad experience and growing recognition and respect from her new peers. Now in her early 40s, Krogmann brings an outward grace and an inner toughness to her work - a combination found usually in much older good lawyers - and has worked with some of the state's better litigators and family-law specialists. To a remarkable degree she lost little professional momentum since moving to Northern Virginia in 2007. Today she is a name partner at Masterman Krogmann, the Vienna, Va.-based divorce boutique led by David Masterman, one of the best divorce litigators in the DC metro area. Clients will recognize quickly that Krogmann - focused, organized, and cheerful - is a constructive influence, both empathizing with and identifying her client's problems.

In many respects Krogmann is a true product of the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area - a Norfolk native from a stable family with Christian values and a tradition of serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. "You'd be surprised, with people there from all over, being a Norfolk native was almost rare," she says. Both her grandfathers served in the Navy, and her parents were high school sweethearts. They still live in the Norfolk house where Carole Collier grew up. She attended Greenbrier Christian Academy, where her mother taught, in nearby Chesapeake, and received a scholarship to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. She excelled in history, speech, government and theatre, while majoring in English - all good preparation for the law. "The fact is I made sure college was a path to law school. I worked at it." She adds, "I planned on succeeding. I wouldn't allow failure to be an option for me." She entered Regent School of Law in Virginia Beach, allowing her to live at home. Regent, of course, is a relative newcomer among law schools. Over the years, the school has attracted a broad and talented faculty, including New York family lawyer Lynne Marie Kohm and Randy Singer, former head of litigation at the Norfolk firm of Willcox & Savage. Krogmann says both were great influences who "helped put a fire in my belly for the courtroom."

In 2002 she was recruited by litigator Douglas Davis and his Chesapeake-based practice, which had a range of specialties and a strong base of business clients. More senior lawyers, including Davis, encouraged her to "take and run with cases" - most of them matrimonial cases, experience that laid the groundwork for her career today. She built the firm's family law practice; when she was named partner in 2006, the firm became Davis, Couch and Collier. The same year, when a colleague introduced her future husband, Arlington-based petroleum landman John Krogmann, Carole Collier had some choices to make, and career risks to take as well - but Regent's Kohm, longtime friends with Masterman, stepped in and referred the young Krogmann as she explored opportunities in Northern Virginia. In her first few years she established herself as a capable, nuts-and-bolts professional who has well complimented the hard-charging Masterman. Their practice is one of the few to steadily grow through the economic downturn, aided in part by the strong Northern Virginia economy. What's more, Krogmann and her husband have since had two children (one three months' premature; she's fine today), making Krogmann's steady career development all the more remarkable.

Today Krogmann is handling a high volume of custody trials and settlement conferences, a productive and practical lawyer who, colleagues say, seems to relish a good battle more than she lets on. Krogmann and her husband John are "big Redskins fans" and doting parents of their children. They live in North Arlington, about five minutes from the Arlington County Courthouse.

Carole Collier Krogmann
"More than anything, I'm your advocate. I want to know what you want, and what the issues of your life and marriage are."
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Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va., B.A., 1994
Regent University School of Law, J.D., 1997
University Of Virginia School Of Law, National Trial Advocacy College, 2006
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