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I knew from the start of my career that we wear many hats as matrimonial attorneys - we have to be strong negotiators, we must have excellent quantitative and valuation skills, and we must be able to counsel and advise our clients on a more personal level than in other areas of the law. We recognize that we represent good people going through very stressful times. I have always been comfortable with the role of advisor, even growing up. Throughout school, I have served as a mentor to children and other students and continue to do so today.

The personal nature of this area of law suits my personality extremely well because I am able to rationally and logically assess a situation and help a client reach a sensible solution. I owe a lot of those skills to my Mother, a former Lynbrook Police Officer, as she was always able to take an even-keeled approach to resolving volatile situations and explosive personalities. I also have a strong background in finance and mathematics, which is a huge advantage when dealing with complex financial negotiations and business valuations. These skills have helped me really grow in the matrimonial field and garner the trust and admiration typically reserved for attorneys twice my age.

My parents did get divorced when my brother and I were young, but they never made us part of any of the acrimony or fighting between them. To this day I have a great relationship with both of my parents. I like to share my experiences with clients, especially those with small children, because it helps them cope with the uncertainty that is inherent in divorce. As I tell them, regardless of whether or not you continue to live in the same home, you can still be parents - good parents - the rest of your lives.

An important lesson I learned that I try to impart on my clients: Don't let your pride get in the way of what you want to accomplish. What you think you "need" and what your friends tell you to "get" often doesn't apply to you and your unique situation. I believe that I have really been able to grow and mature since joining Curran Moher Weis. We approach things in a similar fashion as at the firm I worked with in Long Island: we discuss our cases in a constructive way - but Gerry has also allowed me to have my own identity, build my own client following and develop my own name.

Managing our clients' expectations is a big part of what we do. Yes, I can litigate my client's matter in court, but if not for the many emotions experienced during a divorce, would you really be willing to spend your children's college fund to "get even" with your ex-spouse? There are risks and rewards to the process - it's our responsibility as lawyers to articulate to our clients what they are and reassess those goals at each step along the way. Many attorneys in this area of law are known for doing quite the opposite - exploiting a client's emotions and running up fees. I don't believe a client is best served by being told what they want to hear. I will protect you from your spouse but also, when necessary, protect you from yourself. I want to share solid, strong and, most importantly, realistic objectives with my clients. I believe that is the best way to accomplish a fair and reasonable resolution to a divorce.

Steven Goldman
"I want to share solid, strong and, most importantly, realistic objectives with my clients because I believe that is the best way of accomplishing a fair and reasonable resolution to a divorce."
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