Isaac Starker, M.D.
Plastic Surgery - Florham Park, NJ

Isaac Starker is widely respected as one of the leading plastic surgeons in New Jersey today, playing a central role at one of the field's most prestigious and successful practices. Now in his 50's, Starker has practiced his entire career with The Peer Group of Florham Park, truly one of the nation's original plastic-surgery centers. (Pioneering surgeon Dr. Lyndon Peer launched the practice in the 1930s.)

Bringing a calm, well-informed and reassuring manner to his craft, Starker grew up in New York City, the son of a commercial artist. "An aesthetic sense came fairly naturally to me," says Starker. It was in his second year of NYU medical school that Starker was introduced to plastic surgery; "It was surgery that was tangible, connecting form to function - and the results are beautiful." Further, Starker entered his profession at a time when technology was transforming it - microsurgery and later endoscopic procedures were just beginning, and Starker was at the forefront.

More than half of his practice today consists of cosmetic procedures, including facial surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and liposuction. The four-physician Peer Group is a busy practice, "but not a revolving door - we are attentive and personalized in our approach." Indeed, Starker, like his colleagues, has built a practice "based on the satisfaction of our patients, meeting their expectations and exceeding them, every day." It's not surprising, then, that patients come from as far as New York and Pennsylvania for treatment.

Dr. Starker enjoys water sports, including sailing, and the occasional round of golf. He and his family live in Madison, a short distance from The Peer Group's Florham Park office.

Isaac Starker, M.D.
"I think much of my success is based on my judgment and ability to communicate and understand my patients' concerns."
Phone: (973) 822-3000
Fax: (973) 822-1726
New York University, B.A., 1977
New York University, M.D., 1981
Residency, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital
Residency, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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