Thomas R. Ashley
Criminal Defense Law - Newark, NJ

With every case I take on, I tell the client that I'm going to work as hard, and as effectively and as sincerely as I can. Early on I'll size up the case for its potential for success. And I'll give my client an honest assessment. Some attorneys view a success as a reduced sentence - but rarely does the client see any amount of incarceration as a "success". It doesn't always happen, but a victory is when you win an acquittal or dismissal - and your client can walk out of the courtroom on his own.

My background gave me a certain perspective, and my good fortune as a trial attorney has put me in a position to help the underprivileged. Thirty years later I'm still doing that - I know, I've been associated with a lot of high-profile cases over the years, but I still like to think of myself as a "neighborhood attorney." There's still some of the neighborhood in me. People still say, you understand us - and that's important to me.

Things have changed, though. Before, when no one knew who you were, you'd take a case and the spotlight would not be on you. Today when a client comes to you, there are greater expectations.

But my experience gives my clients special advantages today - I've had many clients see charges reduced or dismissed because I recognized an instance of illegal search and seizure. Knowing the rules of evidence is important. And I'm in court every week - handling big high-profile cases, small cases, and all number in between. I'm there every day for my clients.

I've been fortunate - many people know me today and my reputation as a successful and experienced trial attorney. So many people seek me out. And you know what? After more than 30 years, it still feels really good to be able to help others. That's very satisfying.

Thomas R. Ashley
"There's still some of the neighborhood in me. People still say, you understand us - and that's important to me."
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Rutgers University, B.S., 1964
Rutgers Law School, J.D. 1967

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