Marc S. Wenger
Employment Law - Melville, NY

Litigation is not always the best or most efficient way to resolve disputes, but when there's no better option, I want our clients to know that they are represented by the most skilled and determined lawyers in the field.

In fact, we don't try a lot of cases - if a case can't be properly resolved prior to trial, it generally means something has broken down in the process. In complex cases - and we are handling more and more complex cases - we are able to identify the critical issues, and work to a resolution before the litigation process gets out of hand.

In every case, though, we bring tremendous expertise and resources through our extensive office network and broad variety of practice areas - a unique collection of assets that really can't be found in any other firm. Even in a tough economy, Jackson Lewis has grown very steadily in recent years - we now have 47 offices nationwide.

One of the great aspects of practicing law on Long Island is we are home to a huge diversity of businesses - Fortune 100 companies, health care institutions, small manufacturers and service businesses - many of them long-term clients. Our job is to know our clients' businesses - we talk all the time with them to understand what they do every day. In fact, communication -- consistent and direct communication - is a guiding principal of our firm. We pride ourselves on giving our clients practical legal advice that meshes with their business strategy. We do this through an exhaustive understanding of the law in our practice areas epitomized by our slogan "All We Do Is Work."

Our emphasis on effective communication with clients helps us focus clients on workplace prevention and policies for a positive environment - a framework that can help an employer avoid bigger problems down the road. Developing preventive strategies is a large part of our work today.

The biggest change in recent years for us has been the growth in wage-and-hour class-action litigation Jackson Lewis was well positioned to respond to that phenomenon. For example, when a client is faced with a class consisting of 25,000 people across the country, a "make or break" case, there aren't many firms out there prepared to face that kind of claim.

When I joined Jackson Lewis nearly 15 years ago, we were a different firm - today we have a record of accomplishment and success in virtually every corner of employment law, on Long Island and across the country. We know every industry, and we know our clients - they are indeed our partners. I'm very proud of being a part of that.

Marc S. Wenger
"We know every industry, and we know our clients - they are indeed our partners."
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Columbia University, B.A., 1984
Hofstra University School of Law, J.D., with distinction and Law Review, 1987
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