Sharon N. Berlin
Employment Law - Melville, NY

Most employees nowadays know they have certain protections, and it seems that some sort of protection extends to everyone. When any employee is fired, employers have grown to anticipate a legal challenge of some kind. And in this environment employers are certainly hesitant to let someone go without sound legal advice.

And as the economy gets worse we've seen only more allegations of discrimination and harassment.

Part of my job is to protect employers - through preparation, training and documentation. As an employment lawyer, I spend a good portion of my time reviewing situations before they become terminations. I'll ask, what's the problem with the employee, what kind of documentation do you have, and can the relationship be salvaged or does the employer want it to end?

That's a big reason why I work closely with clients - all kinds of clients, from large corporations to mom and pop operations to municipalities and school districts - to review their procedures, and be proactive to anticipate problems. Over time I come to know well my client's operations; I understand their work cultures. We'll focus on such things as anti-harassment training, or work with human resources staff on better ways to conduct background checks. It's not just a matter of avoiding litigation - it's about raising morale and productivity in a workplace and getting my client's the end results they need.

We handle all kinds of employment matters - not simply defending against discrimination or harassment claims, or negotiating contracts. And in each case outcomes don't just happen. They aren't easy to predict. I've had some dicey cases. But in every one, solutions are reached through some good lawyering along the way. Good lawyering makes a difference.

Sharon N. Berlin
"In every case, solutions are reached through some good lawyering along the way."
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Cornell University, BS with Honors, 1988
George Washington University, JD with Honors, 1991

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