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The one thing I will never do with a new client is over-promise and under-deliver. I'll always let them vent, as I know they are going through a tough time, but I always let them know that you have to be practical. Family law is a product of the real world. As a lawyer, it's not going to serve anybody if you can't produce results.

I routinely do a cost benefit analysis with the client to determine if the particular point is worth litigating. I try to explain that it doesn't do anyone any good to spend $1000 in legal fees to be awarded $500. There are some issues, however, especially relating to children that cannot be valued in dollar amounts.

And the world has changed: We see more "electronic evidence" in divorce case than ever before, and it's influencing the outcome of some cases. I know my clients typically don't live their lives with an eye on divorce, but once they are in that process, or are thinking of heading down that road, they need to be extremely careful about what they leave and post online. When you start posting things on Facebook, you are basically leaving a carbon copy of your life for everyone - your ex-spouse, other lawyers and most of all the courts. I'm often surprised that people are still unaware of the implications of their online behavior.

Long-lasting relationships - and familiarity with the judges and opposing attorneys - are often the key to getting positive results for my clients. Just because you have two tough lawyers doesn't mean a divorce has to be acrimonious. We can settle cases better when there is trust between the lawyers.

My job at the end of the day is to divide up assets and work toward a constructive custody solution if children are involved. I make every effort to keep my eye on the big picture. One thing I don't do: I don't make promises I can't keep. And what I do promise, you can count on.

I'm proud of my role as a counsel to my clients - and I always strive to meet and maintain the highest standards of our profession. I was recently named to Nassau County Bar Association's Grievance Committee. That's all part of the role I want to play; I'm proud of being recognized by my peers in the legal community.

My credo is this: Strong, practical representation. To ultimately be successful in this practice, it's important to know the court system from the inside-out. Other lawyers know me well - I've had cases recently in which my relationship with opposing counsel really led to a better result for my clients. I also try to leverage my strong litigation skills to encourage settling cases and achieve a favorable result for my client.

The court system, and the law, have been a part of my life - even before I became a lawyer. I know my clients recognize and appreciate what I bring their cases.

Jerome A. Scharoff
"My credo is this: Strong, practical representation."
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