W. Russell Corker
Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - Huntington, NY

Russ Corker is regarded as one of the leading medical malpractice attorneys on Long Island and southern New York. Bringing a rare intellectual depth, he understands medical processes that are usually the province of the most specialized physicians. A native of Richmond, VA, Corker went off to Boston University Law School where he got his first taste of the courtroom. As an intern in the U.S. Attorneys Office in Boston, he witnessed a case involving the famed F. Lee Bailey. Corker knew then what he wanted to do. In 1974 he was recruited by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office, where he plunged into trial work.

The 70s saw the explosion in medical-malpractice litigation and within two years Corker had been lured by a Huntington firm that focused on malpractice defense cases. Only two years later, Corker joined the firm of Neil Shayne. For over 25 years Corker built a reputation for thoroughness, consistent courtroom successes and professional integrity. Over the years, Corker has immersed himself in the dynamic field of medicine, taking courses on subjects such as neuroanatomy and principals of diseases. He reads medical journals for fun. The laptop-toting Corker embraces technology.

In 2012, after 32 years as the senior trial attorney at Shayne, Dachs, Corker and Sauer, Corker opened his own firm. The Law Office of W. Russell Corker, P.C. represents patients in medical malpractice actions, as well as other personal injury cases. He has offices in Huntington Village and in Garden City, NY.

W. Russell Corker
"Our system of civil justice is a reflection of our culture ... It's clearly the best system in the world."
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Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, B.S. 1971
Boston University School of Law, J.D. 1974
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