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What separates the good medical-malpractice attorneys from the great ones is their command of medicine itself. The average attorney often won't even look up phrases he doesn't know. The fact is the adversaries in the courtroom - those in the defense bar - are very talented, very high standards not only count - they're critical. Are there attorneys out there just trying to make a buck? Absolutely. But they don't go very far, especially in a courtroom.

Our system of civil justice is a reflection of our culture. For one thing, the rights of an individual in that system are given preeminence over the government. A jury collectively decides if an individual's rights have been violated, rather than a judge appointed by the government. It's clearly the best system in the world.

Jurors are much more opinionated, and many don't like to think that doctors make mistakes. Barely 15 years ago the phrase "frivolous lawsuit" was not on Americans' lips. Now it is. That partly reflects the efforts of the insurance industry that paints a negative image of anyone bringing a claim, no matter how reasoned and morally justifiable.

I have been on been on both sides of the process - I worked for several years defending physicians, and I've always been known for my medical malpractice expertise. I love medicine, and I respect the way doctors think; they are results-oriented, as I am. I love the challenge of investigating cases. And I've always enjoyed the dynamics of a trial.

As an attorney, I'm very hands-on. I prepare every case based on my own research and expertise. I have to be selective in the cases I take on, for many reasons. Part of it is simply the nature of a case. I prepare each one as a straightforward and compelling narrative. If there is no storytelling narrative there, then it may be very difficult to communicate to a jury. That's my job: To present the facts clearly to the people on the jury. I can't complain. Life has been good to me. You only have one shot, and I've gotten the chance to do what I enjoy so much.

W. Russell Corker
"Our system of civil justice is a reflection of our culture ... It's clearly the best system in the world."
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