Isaac Starker, M.D.
Plastic Surgery - Florham Park, NJ

One of the first things I tell my patients is that plastic surgery is first and foremost a collaborative experience. When we sit down for the first time, I emphasize open communication. I'm interested in a patient's concerns, even their fears. I will explain all the patient's options - surgical and non-surgical. And I explain that any treatment plan needs to have some flexibility and is not written in stone.

In that respect, I think communication really is central to what we do. It's not a complex formula. I think much of my success is based on my judgment, and my ability to communicate and understand my patients' concerns.

Plastic surgery is much more accepted now than it was only ten or 15 years ago, and we certainly see that in our practice. People of all economic groups consider plastic surgery today, for whatever purpose.

We do see social and behavioral trends in our work. For one thing, we are seeing more and more skin-care patients who are younger than ever, in large part because of sun overexposure. And the national obesity epidemic has had an effect on our practice as well, from the types of patients who come to us to the types of procedures they seek.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a plastic surgeon. I strive to meet every patient's expectations, and make every effort to exceed them. That's very satisfying for me.

Isaac Starker, M.D.
"I think much of my success is based on my judgment and ability to communicate and understand my patients' concerns."
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